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From Kennebunk Post Letters to the Editor, by Jane Evelyn,  6/1/2023 – A powerful letter supporting parent rights and  organizations in Maine such as MaineFirstProject.org and ParentsRightsinEducation.com… [Read More]

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https://www.pressherald.com/2023/06/01/letters-to-the-editor-262/    (Scroll down.)

From Kennebunk Post Letters to the Editor, by Don Coburn,  6/1/2023 – A powerful letter supporting Tim Spang for RSU District 21 School Board.  Tim will created opportunities for our young people… [Read More]

Or go directly to The Kennebunk Post Letters website at

First Do No Harm Submitted by Susan Jones, 10/31/2022
This article highlights developments in Sweden and England regarding recommended treatments for gender dysphoric minors and has direct application to current Maine events. In
recent years both country’s national health boards have supported hormonal and psychological interventions relying on a model …[Read More]

Paul LePage has a vision for Maine – Submitted by Susan Jones, 10/18/2022
Paul LePage has a vision for Maine involving lower taxes, smaller state government, protecting vulnerable populations and empowering parent’s rights. Your support is needed for his reelection and don’t dread the objections by proponents of misguided policies.  This letter is from a grandmother and …[Read more]

Submitted for your approval….. Submitted by  Margaret Myatt, 10/15/2022
A hilarious parody of the Beatles singing about the woes of the snowflakes!

The Stork, the Conveyor Belt and the Boy-Girl Stamp – Submitted by Diane Franz, 9/24/2022
Many years ago, there was a cartoon that ended with a stork stamping babies “boy” or “girl” as they came down a fast-moving conveyor belt. It was just one of those silly cartoon antics that sometimes stays with you for years and even my husband remembered it.  That image keeps coming to mind as I learn more about The Maine’s Department of Education’s …[Read more]

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