Paul LePage has a vision for Maine-Submitted by Susan Boak, 10/18/2022

Paul LePage has a vision for Maine involving lower taxes, smaller state government, protecting vulnerable populations and empowering parent’s rights. Your support is needed for his election and don’t dread the objections by proponents of misguided policies.

This letter is from a grandmother who cares about children. Given the inflammatory topic, parents are justifiably concerned about speaking out against anything promoted by the schools.

  1. By aligning with the NEA, public schools were shuttered during the pandemic while many private schools were not. This has been demonstrated to cause academic and social harm.
  2. By adopting the agenda of the Biden administration, the state has provided curriculum from Out Maine on transgender education and from a private group on Critical Race Theory.

Let’s talk about social conundrums. Should puberty blocking drugs be provided to minors confused about their sexual identity or just plain seeking attention? In England the high court has ruled children <16, unlikely to give informed consent. The Swedish Board of Health concluded the evidence base for hormonal interventions is of low quality and may cause harm for youth (<18). Arkansas, with it’s SAFE Act, is the first state with a ban on gender altering procedures for children <18.

Information provided by the state for CRT, wrongly equates slogans with thought.

Almost forty years ago, I wrote a letter about an alarming number of teenage driving deaths and parents who felt they should “just close their eyes and hope”. By God’s grace this letter worked.

Susan Boak,  Kennebunkport