New Future for Maine GOP Requires New Leadership – Heidi Sampson

Heidi SampsonNew Future for GOP Requires New Leadership

It’s time for a real vision and action! If Republicans want to be taken seriously, our leadership needs to stop embracing a culture of losing. It’s time for Maine Republicans to have their voices heard through their elected members of the State Party Committee.

Heidi Sampson of Alfred, ME can provide the leadership we need in Augusta.

Below is a petition from the Maine GOP grassroots (that’s us GOP voters).  Wherever you may live in Maine, please, open the link, follow the instructions, sign it and send it beck to return (Heidi). It is very easy.

We are hoping to send a message to our party: “Time for a leadership change!  No more of the same old, same old!”

The Maine GOP party elections are on January 28th in Augusta.

Sign the petition NOW.  Send copies to friends and family.