From Our Friends at Maine First – Make a Call!

Next week, the public hearing on LD 2167 will take place.
This bill aims to create a state-funded resettlement agency for
illegal immigrants. 

The Republicans who signed on as co-sponsors are: Rep. Amanda Collamore of Pittsfield and Sen. Rick Bennett of Oxford.  They each need to hear from us:
Rep. Collamore: (207) 679-7305 or
Sen. Bennett: (207) 592-3200 or

If you need talking points, check out The Maine Wire:
Biden’s Open Border and Mills’ Migrant Resettlement Agency a Bad Recipe for Mainers: Lockman – The Maine Wire

The public hearing on LD 2167 before the State and Local Government Committee will be on Tuesday, January 30th at 1:00 PM. Larry Lockman will be there to present live testimony against the bill, and I encourage you to do the same.
You can also submit testimony online. 

In the meantime, please give Amanda and Rick a call, to politely ask them to withdraw their sponsorship of this awful piece of legislation.