Speak Up For Life Maine Event – June 16th – 19th, 2023 Augusta

From Maine GOP, mainegop.gov

JUNE 2023

Fellow defenders of life:
We testified against LD 1619 at the Maine State House May 1st-2nd! Can you believe that was well over a month ago?

What a beautiful time it was, not without challenges, but still beautiful. The camaraderie, the worship, the prayers, the hours and hours of testimonies, all to Speak Up For Life. We want you all to join us for one more big event!
With only 4 days left of session, and there still being no vote on LD1619, let’s break bread together with our Representatives in the Hall of Flags. Let’s fill the halls with life and laughter once again!  JOIN us Friday at the State House.

RSVP NOW!!!!   Event in the past, June 2023

FYI:   if LD1619 is not taken up Friday it could be taken up until the 21st when the legislature goes into summer recess.