Democrat Leadership Block Republican Legislators from Entering State House

DATE: May 24, 2021
CONTACT: Jason Savage (
AUGUSTA, ME — Maine Republican Party Chair, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, released the following statement regarding a bi-partisan group of legislators being blocked from entering work at the State House for not wearing a mask:

“Why is Democrat leadership not following the guidance put forth by the CDC and the Governors office?” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “Instead of operating on facts and science, Democrats in Augusta are once again more interested in control and fueling the mask hysteria within their party. As leaders of our state, members of the State House should be leading the people out of the pandemic and getting life back to normal, not obsessing over antiquated COVID control mechanisms.”

Full Maine House Republican Press Release Below
State Representatives Impeded on way to work at Maine State House
STATE HOUSE – A bipartisan group of State Representatives were impeded by Capitol Security today while attempting to enter the State House to conduct legislative business. Members were adhering to Governor Janet Mills’ Executive Order eliminating the requirement that members of the public wear masks effective May 24. The Governor’s order follows U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance.
No policy on masking was publicly posted at the State House. The event was peaceful and legislative, nonpartisan and Capitol Security staff were respectful and polite during the entire incident.
“Today we attempted to do what citizens throughout Maine are doing, follow the Governor’s recent Executive Order making the wearing of masks an individual choice. We attempted to go to work on behalf of our constituents and where impeded from doing so at the direction of President Jackson, Speaker Fecteau and other Democratic leaders on the Legislative Council. When it became clear that Capitol Security and nonpartisan staff lacked the legal authority and or applicable policies to prevent our entry, we proceeded into the State House to complete our work. The idea that the Legislature is somehow above the rules governing the public, science, or even common sense, is indefensible and cannot stand.”
Thursday, May 20, 2021 Democrats voted 6-4 to reject a Republican proposal to follow the most recent CDC guidance and Governor Mills’ Executive Order eliminating the mask mandate and apply it to the legislature.”
Rep. Laurel Libby (R-Auburn)
Rep. Sherm Hutchins (R- Penobscot)
Rep. Chris Johansen (R-Monticello)
Rep. Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred)
Rep. Michael Lemelin (R-Chelsea)
Rep. Jim Thorne (R- Carmel)
Rep. John Andrews (L-Paris)