BREAKING: Massive recruiting victory for Maine Republicans!

Maine GOP fields candidates in more leg. districts than Dems
Wave of Maine GOP enthusiasm mirrors national Republican momentum

AUGUSTA — Reflecting the wave of momentum behind Republicans nationwide, new candidate filings show that Maine Republicans have already notched a significant victory in this year’s elections on the candidate recruitment front.

According to the final candidate filings with the Maine Ethics Commission, there are more Maine legislative seats with Republican candidates than there are seats with Democrat candidates. In addition, Republicans are fielding candidates in every competitive district and the Democrats are not.

Maine GOP Chair Doctor Demi Kouzounas said: “Democrats are failing Mainers, and Maine Republicans are stepping up to offer a clear alternative. We’re seeing an incredible level of interest and passion for Republican ideas and policies this year, and it’s been so gratifying to see so many new people get involved in the political process. We have so many phenomenal candidates with so many different life experiences and backgrounds on the ballot, and it’s clear that they’re focused on lowering costs and improving Mainers’ lives. We’ll be doing everything we can to support these great Republican candidates in the fall. My sincere thanks to all the energetic folks — staff, candidates, and volunteers — who helped get these wonderful Republicans on the ballot!”

Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage said: “Democrats have passed increases to electricity bills, increases to health insurance premiums, and many more cost hikes. This huge, passionate slate of Republican candidates will do the opposite. They know their fellow Mainers are hurting and decided to run for office to help out. That’s truly laudable, and I know Maine voters will be very interested in what these great Republican candidates have to say. I’d also like to thank all the candidates, staff, and volunteers for their hard work to get us into this great position. If you would like to get involved in helping out, please visit We would love to hear from you.”

RNC National Committeewoman for Maine and former House Assistant GOP Leader Ellie Espling said: “As the head of Maine GOP’s SheLeads initiative to get more women involved in serving their communities at all levels of government, it’s so gratifying to see so many Republican women running for office from Caribou to Kittery. I look forward to seeing this impressive slate of candidates out on the campaign trail presenting their winning vision for Maine.”
RNC National Committeeman for Maine and former House GOP Leader Josh Tardy said: “This experienced, deep slate of candidates demonstrates the enthusiasm Republicans are seeing this year. The grassroots are fired up, and regular Mainers who usually don’t pay too much attention to politics are clearly engaged and ready for change. Our state will reap the benefits of this strong Republican recruiting class.”

Important background information about the Maine Republican recruiting victory and the momentum we’re seeing so far this election year:

  • Republicans will be fielding candidates in more legislative districts than Maine Democrats this election cycle — a sure sign of momentum going into the fall.
  • Republicans are also fielding candidates in every competitive district. Democrats did not field candidates in some competitive districts.
  • This tidal wave of Republican candidates comes from diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and walks of life: from NASCAR driver Austin Theriault in the Crown of Maine to entrepreneur Jules Rakic at the southern tip. It includes veterans, female community leaders, entrepreneurs, younger folks and those who have many years of experience.
  • Gov. Paul LePage submitted petition signatures about a month before Janet Mills due to the extreme grassroots enthusiasm for his return, and about two thousand supporters showed up at his campaign launch according to media reports.
  • National polling consistently indicates a positive political environment for Republicans on generic ballot and specific issue tests, as well as consistently unfavorable ratings for Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats.

More information about the candidate filings demonstrating the Maine Republican recruiting victory can be found on the Maine Secretary of State’s website.

From Jason Savage, Maine Republican Party, 9 Higgins Street, Augusta, Maine 04330, United States