Absentee Ballots and Deadlines for Maine Clean Elections Act Candidates

Notice: You can request your absentee ballot here now.  Absentee Ballot Request

And you can pick up your ballot at your municipal office and vote in person there now.

Deadline for Maine Clean Elections Act (MCEA) Candidates to Submit Qualifying Contributions for Supplemental Payments is 5:00 PM October 18, 2022.

Use this link to find out who your candidates are.

If your candidate is a Maine Clean Election Candidate (MCEA) and

if you have not contributed your $5 please do so now.

Our traditional candidates also need funding for the final push of mailings and ads.
If you need help finding out how you can contribute to their campaigns, please contact
communications@yorkgop.org with your name and address and we will be happy to help you
find your candidates and/or how to contact them.