Reflections From Our Committee Chair- Abhorrent Happenings in Our Public Schools

Fail Woke ClassroomsWhat is happening in our local schools is abhorrent. Just this week, Kennebunk High released students from core classes (Math, English, Science…) so they could attend a pro-abortion rally ON CAMPUS.

Middle School of the Kennebunks allowing their “Civil Rights Team” to put up posters at school promoting WHITE PRIVILEGE, GENDER CONFUSION / QUESTIONING BIOLOGICAL SEX, and RACISM. Does that sound like it is driven by middle school children who are 11-13 years old? No. These topics are completely inappropriate, and are part of a larger, more complex effort to undermine traditional family values, deconstruct the nuclear family, and institute cultural Marxism.
Maine Policy Institute drafted an incredible report on what is happening in Maine colleges..and it is all starting LOCALLY in our schools.  Please click on the link below view and read the report.