Memorial Brick Program at Maine GOP

It has been a whirlwind since we initially launched the Memorial Brick program. Conservative organizations, veterans, graduates, families and general supporters have purchased bricks to be placed here at the Maine Republican Party Headquarters in Augusta.

The Maine GOP Memorial Brick Program is the perfect way to support the party that is fighting alongside you to bring conservative ideals and prosperity back to Maine while also publicly highlighting the personality or life accomplishments of our supporters for their contributions that have enabled our success as a party.  There is something very striking and real about a brick memorial that has been engraved to honor someone’s life or an accomplishment in their life. Perhaps because we tend to think of something “carved in stone” as being permanent, substantial, and having considerable meaning, bricks are a great way to pay tribute to a loved one’s legacy.To be a part of the Maine GOP Memorial Brick Program please click on this link. The process of creating your customized brick is a two step process. First, you will be asked to choose between a brick with text only or one with text and a logo. Then, you will be directed to our partner website, Polar Engraving, to make the selections to customize your brick and then the brick will be mailed to Headquarters in Augusta to be held until the installation.

As an added feature, you can also choose to have a replica tile keepsake engraved for your own display (or a set of replica tiles). A great option for anyone who wants to share their Memorial Brick with family and friends who may not have a chance to come to Headquarters to see your brick on display. Or, you could also use the replica tile to give to that special someone who you are dedicating the brick to.