Make Your Voice Heard – Contact Committees in Augusta – May, 2023

Maine Policy Institute is highlighting ways we can shape public policy NOW!

There are two ways you can make your voice heard and shape public policy in Augusta this week.

The first is on a pair of bills that, if enacted, would immediately reduce electricity rates in Maine.

LDs 1347 and 1778 would repeal net metering, which led to the “community solar program” that Maine’s public advocate says amounts to a $285 utility tax per year on CMP and Versant customers.

These bills would end favoritism and cronyism in Maine’s energy markets and open the door for hydro, nuclear, and other energies to help reduce rates.

Sick of that astronomical electricity bill every month? Use the button below to contact the Energy Committee and tell them to support LDs 1347 and 1778 this session.


The second is a bill proposed by Gov. Janet Mills that would waste surplus revenue on a revamped corporate welfare program instead of providing all Mainers with income tax relief.

How out-of-touch can the governor be? Instead of providing relief to hardworking Mainers amid persistent inflationshe’s focused on giving handouts to businesses.

If the governor wants to welcome business and investment to our state, a good place to start would be to repeal the many existing and uncompetitive taxes and fees we already have on the books.

Click the button below to tell members of the Business Committee to reject Gov. Mills’ corporate welfare scheme and pursue tax cuts for all Mainers.


Thank you for making your voice heard. Please share this email with anyone who may want to take action as well. We must fight back to reduce costs for taxpayers and ratepayers.


Mike Quatrano
Director of Civic Engagement