Gray Republican Committee – What the Hard Left is Doing to Our School Children – Jan. 26, 2022

Dear Gray Republicans and Friends,

Our January Membership Meeting has been replaced by a special event to which we are inviting freedom-loving people from anywhere and everywhere. Free! (Donations gratefully accepted.)

Maine State Rep (R-Alfred) Heidi Sampson speaking on: “What the Hard Left Is Doing to Our School Children”

Wed, Jan 26, 2022.
6:00 p.m. Refreshments,
6:30: Mtg,
6:45: Rep Sampson, 7:30: Q&A, 8 p.m. Finish

PDF of Flyer is available for distribution, here:

It’s Time for Freedom-Loving Teachers, Parents, and Concerned Citizens To Join Together and Push Back against the Aggression from the Hard Left

Do you want America’s children to be indoctrinated by the Hard Left through “Social Emotional Learning,” Critical Race Theory, and Gender Confusion?

Bible Believing Baptist Church,  92 Center Rd, Gray, ME 04039

– at the corner of Center Rd and Rustic Rd
– turn right onto Rustic Rd and park in the parking lot BEHIND the church and go in the back door.

Sponsored by The Gray Republican Committee – – (207) 619-0240