Merry Christmas Message from our State Senate Candidate Scott Ducharme

Update from Candidate for Senate District 34 Still Hard at Work  – Merry Christmas Scott from the York County GOP: 
 A Christmas Message from Scott Ducharme  hard at work transporting oil to ports in CA:
“I decorated my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and put it on the main engine console.  Merry Christmas from oil/chemical tanker Overseas Boston ,
Scott Ducharme”

From Nancy Ford of York County GOP:

I am sure Scott would like to receive some Christmas greeting emails and photos from Maine. He has been gone since before Thanksgiving and will be home around the 1st of the year.
For those of you who may not know Scott, he is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and retired Chief Engineer in the Merchant Marine. He is constantly being called to return to serve since we are lacking enough engineers to move ships around, even if just from one port to another for repair. He can receive emails at