GOP State Convention a Big Success! New State Committee Members

From Nancy Ford, York County Committee Chairwoman:
Back from Augusta and ready to get back to work, but not quite yet. As you will see on the Schedule, the HQ will not be opening until Wednesday this week. (May 2, 2022)
The following are the new State Committee members elected to serve for next two years representing York County on the Maine GOP State Committee.
State Committeeman:
     Jared Hirshfield, Kennebunk
State Committeewoman:
     Nancy Ford, Wells
State Committee At Large:
     Burnell Bailey, South Berwick
Benjamin Bussiere, Hollis
Marc Chappell, Saco
James DuPrie, Lebanon
It is our job to communicate information, good and bad, back and forth from Augusta to York County Republicans and from you the members of the York County Committee to the Republican State Party in Augusta.
Therefore I urge all of you to send any questions or concerns that you would like brought to the attention of the State Party to this   
address putting Attn: York County State Committee in the Subject line.
Your delegates from York County had the distinction of constituting the largest County Delegation at the Convention and we sure made a loud noise when the roll call of Counties ended with us.
I’m sure you have all seen by now what a horrible group of people we were to pass such atrocious amendments to our Maine GOP platform. You might say we were loud in regaining our voices and refusing to be cowered into silence by the fear of being the subject of name calling and cancellation.  As Elon Musk showed in this great little cartoon, all we were doing was standing our ground and not giving in to those who do not like the ground we have been standing on, and will continue to stand on, while they continue to travel so far left they just might fall off the earth.
I did bring home some swag from the Convention and now have lots of free LePage and Thelander signs in the HQ, so come and get em, first come, first serve. And I have a lot of Roger Hicks for Sheriff signs now as well, so you can grab one of them also.  And please go to their websites and contribute your time, your money, whatever you have the most of.
Seacoast GOP headquarters – 99 York Street (Rte. 1) Kennebunk, ME