Election Integrity – Be a Poll Watcher-2022

Election IntegrityThe first week of March, 2022 was a great week for the Election Integrity team as we continue to expand our team, add more Neighborhood Team Leaders to the ranks, and start planning for some exciting events coming up! I can’t wait to share our exciting plans for the rest of March with you all!

This week, instead of our usual email format, we will focus on what we have coming up and how you can get involved in helping make these events a success!

Poll Worker Update:

Following the success of the EAC’s National Poll Worker Recruitment Day (January 25, 2022), Maine will have its very own Poll Worker Recruitment Day on Wednesday, March 9th.

The RNC, Maine Senate & House Republican candidates, and the MEGOP will be joining us for a day of heavy recruitment to help Maine’s Town Clerks find Republican Poll Workers. One team, one goal!

Please keep an eye out for more information on this day from our team and the groups mentioned above. Please help us promote Poll Worker recruitment by talking with your Republican network of family and friends about the opportunity to Protect the Vote from within the guardrails and encourage anyone who is interested in being a Poll Worker to reach out to our Election Integrity team.

Following March 9th, we are inviting anyone who is presently a Poll Worker, recently signed up at caucus to be a Poll Worker, or thinking about becoming one, join us on March 19th for a comprehensive Republican Poll Worker Workshop. Normally, the only training that Poll Workers receive is from the Town Clerks. However, our team will be hosting an in-person training in Augusta on Saturday, March 19th beginning at 1pm.

Our special guest for this training will be Josh Findlay. Mr. Findlay is the Republican National Committee’s first-ever National Director of Election Integrity, and is charged with building the RNC’s election integrity infrastructure across the country. Prior to his work at the RNC, Josh served on President Trump’s presidential campaign.

Poll Watcher Update:

On the Poll Watcher side of the program, we are continuing to host weekly Poll Watcher trainings on Tuesdays at 5:30pm via Zoom. These trainings are led by Linda Bostinto and the EI NTLs. If you know of anyone who is interested in learning more about being a poll watcher, has been a poll watcher in the past and would like a refresh training, or would like to be a poll watcher this cycle, please send them to GOPVictory.com links below to sign-up.

Upcoming Trainings: Click on the link in blue to register

3/15/22-Poll Watcher Virtual Training – Mar 15: https://gopvictory.com/me/ei-virtual-rli-bemis-031522-530pm/

3/19/22-Poll Worker Workshop: https://gopvictory.com/me/ei-augusta-rli-bemis-031922-1pm/

3/22/22-Poll Watcher Virtual Training – Mar 22: https://gopvictory.com/me/ei-virtual-rli-bemis-032222-530pm/

3/23/22-Maine Federation Of Republican Women – Quarterly Meeting: Awaiting announcement of the location

3/25/22-Neighborhood Team Leader Training: https://gopvictory.com/me/ei-virtual-ntl-rli-bemis-032522-4PM/

3/29/22-Poll Watcher Virtual Training – Mar 29: https://gopvictory.com/me/ei-virtual-rli-bemis-032922-530pm/

Answers to Common Questions: Here are some questions that have come up recently

Q: Who can qualify to be a Poll Worker?
A: Anyone who is a US citizen, a resident of Maine, registered (or pre-registered) to vote, not a candidate or a candidate’s immediate family member, and at least 16 years old.

Q: How can I help promote Maine’s Poll Worker Recruitment Day?
A: Please share information with your network of friends and colleagues via social media and personal interactions. Please see the attached social media document for suggested posts.

Q: What will the Poll Worker Workshop on March 19th include?
A: The Workshop agenda will include an overview of the Election Integrity program, Poll Worker qualifications, Poll Worker roles and responsibilities, the basics of Election Day from a Poll Workers perspective, general guidance from our team on Protecting the Vote, and a review of the Poll Watchers role at the polls

Do you have a question? Send me an email and I will use it in a future weekly update email.

Sharon P. Bemis
Election Integrity State Director, Maine

310 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003
Cell: 207-668-6157
Email: SBemis@GOP.com
Twitter handle: @BemisSharon