November 2023 Maine State Ballot Questions – From Maine Policy Institute

Ballot questions are never straightforward. With a referendum election just over a month away, Mainers need to start thinking about these initiatives and the impact they’ll have on our livelihoods.
Ballot questions may seem simple when distilled down to a single question, but the real implications behind them are rarely divulged to the public.
It’s a tale as old as time.
A “yes” or “no” vote requires significant forethought beforehand. It’s critical that we enter the ballot box as informed voters to better protect our freedoms and make an impact on the policies that shape our state.
You may be wondering…
– What does the takeover of Maine’s utility companies look like?
– Does banning foreign governments from participating in campaigns block free speech?
– What is the so-called Right to Repair?
These questions aren’t answered on lawn signs or in 30-second soundbites.
This week we wrote and published Maine Policy’s voter guide to help you better understand the eight ballot questions you’ll face this November. Our team has provided a succinct, yet comprehensive summary of each question and what its passage or failure means for Maine people and businesses.
Check out the guide today.
We hope this resource serves you well as you prepare for the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 7.
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Thank you for standing with us to get our state on the right track and defend the freedom and liberty of all Mainers.

Matthew Gagnon
Chief Executive Officer