Jim Deyermond – Biography – Civil Servant for Safety and GOP Leader

Jim Deyermond is the Chair of the Sanford Town Republican Committee.  Jim will be the keynote speaker at the Wednesday, September 29, 2021 meeting of the Kennebunkport GOP Town Committee Meeting.   He will discuss current gun and 2nd amendment issues in Maine and in the United States and share some exciting and sometimes humorous stories from his career in public safety.

He is also on the Executive Committee of the York County Republican Committee and an At-Large, State Committeeman.

Jim is a basic-to-advanced shooting skills instructor and served as a Tactical Operations Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police for 15 years.  He earned many certifications including FBI Firearms Instructor, US Army Sniper School, Smith & Wesson Factory Armorer School, and Hostage Rescue.  Please read his full bio below:

James “Jim” Deyermond:

Born & raised:  Andover, Massachusetts,

Education: Northern Essex Community College. Southern Vermont College, Bennington, Vermont. UMass Lowell.

Career:   Retired from the Massachusetts State Police in 2017 after serving for 37 years.

Positions Held:

  • Firearms Identification Section, Detective Division at Logan Intl Airport.
  • Assistant Group Supervisor of a DEA Drug Task Force.
  • Team Member and Team Leader of the State Police “STOP TEAM”.
  • Patrol Supervisor for Troop A.
  • Aviation Support and Airborne Operations Supervisor DEA/State Police Counter Drug Program.
  • Executive Officer of the Tactical Operations Marine Unit.

Special Training:

  •    US Coast Guard SAR Coordinator School
  •  Thermal Imager Operation
  •  Airborne Law Enforcement Operations
  •  US Army /DEA Counter Drug Aviation Training
  •  Asian Gangs & Narcotic Trafficking
  •  Heckler & Koch Sub-Machine Gun
  •  French G.I.G.N. Hostage Rescue
  •  British SAS, Hostage Rescue Training
  •  FBI Certified Firearms Instructor
  •  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
  •  Sniper Instructor
  •  Tactical Rifle & Pistol Instructor
  •  US Army National Guard Sniper School
  •  Hostage Negotiator
  •  Smith & Wesson Sniper School
  •  Smith & Wesson Factory Armorer School
  •  US Army Rappel Master School
  •  US DEA Clandestine Laboratory Investigations
  •  US DEA Marijuana Enforcement Operations

Maine Republican Positions Held Presently:

  • Chair- Sanford Republican Committee.
  • Executive Committee of the York County Republican Committee.
  • At-Large, State Committeeman.