Get Involved – Locally

We need your help and your help will help us win elections!

Your Kennebunkport Republican Committee is looking for volunteers to reach out to other republicans in our community.  You can choose who to contact and how many people you would like to contact.

We are reaching out to people in our community to introduce ourselves, gather information about what our republican interests are in town – whether it be school issues, local issues such as the Village Parcel or new town hall, the Cape Porpoise Pier, or something else.

We are hoping to build a group of Republicans who are aware and interested and who can help us choose issues as well as candidates for local seats such as School Board or Selectboard or other numerous positions that come available in town such as the Budget Board and the Shade Tree Committee.

We are also looking for people who can help our candidates by putting up signs, driving them when they are door knocking, or assisting them in numerous other ways.

Contact us by emailing