Bradley Ducharme GOP Candidate for Senate District 34

Bradley Ducharme, Republican,  is running under Maine’s Clean Election Act in our Kennebunkport  Senate District 34.  This means it is extremely important for ALL OF US to donate just $5.00 to his campaign.  Just $5.00.  Less than a Starbuck fancy coffee.  Less than a cheap beer.  Less than a fast food lunch.

The MCEA is a voluntary program of full public financing of political campaigns.   Candidates who choose to participate may accept very limited private contributions at the beginning of their campaigns. To become eligible, candidates must demonstrate community support by collecting a minimum number of contributions of $5.  After a candidate begins to receive MCEA funds from the State, he/she cannot accept private contributions, and almost all goods and services received must be paid for with MCEA funds. (Source: )

Please support Bradley Durcharme by clicking on the link below and contributing $5.00.  When we work together we build the momentum to flip our representation from socialist Blue to reasonable Red in Augusta.  Please do your part.  $5.00 is affordable and important.

And please email Bradley at