Andrew Piantidiosi for Maine’s Congressional District #1

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Dear Friends,

My name is Andrew Piantidosi, I am a resident of Cumberland County where I live with my wonderful wife Elizabeth, and my two young daughters, Lucy aged 4, and Taylor aged 6. Like so many of you, Elizabeth and I are both hard-working parents. My background is primarily in business development and cyber security sales, while my wife currently enjoys a successful career in events and marketing.

Family and friends often ask, why have I decided to heed the call to represent Maine’s 1st Congressional District? My answer is simple. Family.

While studying government and history at Saint Anselm College where I graduated, I was active at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Since I was a young man I have often volunteered in my community, beginning as a volunteer fireman in high school. Even today I hold those basic ideals near and dear to my heart, service first. I currently enjoy serving as a substitute school teacher in Cumberland County. One of my other favorite activities is being a volunteer Little League coach.

Like all large families, Maine is not perfect, but we do deeply care about each other. Like much of this country, Maine is wanting for a renewed sense of civility, community, and a broader sense of self. The evidence is clearly present in our day-to-day lives: Financially we are far less secure, crime is on the rise, serious mental illnesses remain untreated, parents are rapidly losing their rights, our borders remain dangerously unprotected, US current foreign policies are in flux, and our sacred elections lack integrity and public confidence. For nearly 16 years Mainers have been suffering with little to no representation in Congress.

There is much work to be done. There are many solutions at hand, and I will fight hard for you.

This campaign has set out to do a number of great things. With your help, we can WIN. United we can restore Republican ideals of fiscal responsibility, enforce the practice of personal accountability, and ensure that our government protects your civil liberties.

My name is Andrew Piantidosi, I am running for Congress and I need your help!

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your support, and will always cherish your vote.

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Andrew Piantidosi  ~ Let’s retake Maine’s First Congressional District for the first time in a LONG time.