Meet Ron Russell, Candidate for House District 134

Ron RussellRon Russell, Candidate for House District 134 which includes all of Kennebunkport, coastal Kennebunk, and coastal Biddeford:

My name is Ron Russell.  I am a Mainer, born and raised in Fort Fairfield.  I attended West Point and served as an Infantry officer and Green Beret in the US Army for 30 years.  Since retiring in 2006 I have owned and operated a business supporting the Defense Department.  I believe in smaller governments that reward the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens.  Coupled with lower taxes, fewer regulations, and fewer mandates, businesses will thrive in this environment.  I believe in education that focuses on the 3 Rs and that supports the primacy of parenthood.  I hope to earn your support as I run for Representative to the Maine Legislature, District 134.